Turin - Italy 


Fact Sheet and agency activities in support of Roma

Legal status, date of establishment, legal recognition of the extreme:


- Date of Incorporation: September 28, 2009
- Record: Revenue Agency office in Turin - n ° 17836 of 09/29/2009
- Change of status: 05/19/2010
- Record: Revenue Agency office in Turin - n ° 10474 of 05/20/2010

- VAT: 97719830016

- PIC: 939691381



- Register of Associations of the City of Turin
- Regional Association Register, Provincial Social Promotion Section of

- Regional Register of Youth Associations
- Register of non-profit organization with Internal Revenue Service -

  Regional Office of Piedmont
- "Register of Associations and bodies engaged in the fight against

  discrimination" under art. 6 DLgs. 215/2003 at the Presidency of the

  Council of Ministers - Department for Equal Opportunities

- "Register of the organizations and associations operating in favor of

   Immigrants - First Section" at the Ministry of Labour and Social





c / o Centro Studi Sereno Regis - Via Garibaldi 13, 10122 Torino, Italy
+39.011532824 – Fax +39.01182731123 -

Institutional goals:

- To promote integration and active participation of Roma people in

  the Italian and European society, while respecting the different

  identities, the dignity and the fundamental values of civilized life; 

- Obtain the acknowledgement of Roma as an ethnic and linguistic

  minority, with full rights of citizenship;
- Countering the prejudices and all forms of discrimination, direct or

  indirect, against Roma;
- Promoting the emancipation and the role of women within Roma

- Supporting protection, growth, education and social integration of

  young Roma;
- Promoting intercultural relations in the civil society, facilitating

  relationships and interactions among individuals, communities and

  cultures, promoting understanding, dialogue, meeting and

  enhancement of mutual differences;

The association has currently a very flexible organizational structure, using both voluntary work and wage-earning employees, but also benefiting of the aid offered by other agencies. The association doesn't have external units and doesn't not own a sead, using locals wich are available free of charge from the Center Sereno Regis and the 6th District of the City of Turin.

Summary of activities:

IDEA ROM non-profit organization operates in Turin (Italy) at the biggest settlements of Roma families in the city. The Association is made up of Roma women belonging to different communities in Turin, some with professional experience in the field of cultural mediation. Idea Rom promote progressive forms of direct representation, formal and substantive, of different communities. In 2010 the association was awarded by a Special Plaque of the President of the Italian Republic due to its work to promote the social integration of its community.

The main activities so far carried out were:


TG Rom
A Roma news-themed, spread via the web, that will see in the drafting committee, the association "Idea Rom Onlus", the association "Allievi Master Giornalismo Giorgio Bocca" and some Roma young who are the editors of the newscast. Under the direction of professional journalists and with the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.
Period: 2016


S.E.R.Co. - Supporting Social Entrepreneurship for Roma Integration


A european project realized with the different countries' partneship (Greece, Italy, Romania, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria) within the european program Rights, Equality and Active Citizenship. Project aim to substain creation of social enterprises whereby encourage social-economical inclusion of Roma communities. Idea Rom coordinates, in an international level, the individuation of entrepreneurship ideas with the highest possibilities of realization and sustainability. With the contribution of EU Justice Direction.

Period: 2015-2017


CLEAN - Interventions for cleaning and Urban Cohesion
The project provides activities as accessory employed accessory for young and adults Rom to be employed in extraordinary cleaning of public spaces, green areas or school buildings in Turin. With the contribution of the Municipality of Turin and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.
Period: 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016

WE ROMA AND OURSELVES - Youth in Action Programme
An international seminar on Roma women's organizations from various European countries on the issues of prejudice and women's empowerment.
Period: 2014



Facilitating relations between Roma children and their non-Roma peers, with moments of intercultural dialogue between adults and the community. Provision of recreational activities, support to children to carry out their homework, information on culture and on current events in Roma world and, more generally, opportunities for mutual understanding and finding ways of working together for a better living in the territory. With the support of the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Period: 2013



A European project (LLP Comenius - Multilateral Projects) in collaboration with partners from different countries (Greece, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, University of Cyprus). The project aims to train Roma mothers in supporting their children to face school education at best. Final beneficiaries of the project are a group of Roma mothers and their children. Idea Rom coordinates one of the main actions in the project (preparation and training of mothers and children). With the support of the European Union Agency EACEA.

Period: 2012-2014



A European project in collaboration with partners from different countries (Greece, Romania, Hungary, Spain) under LLP Transversal - Action 1 – Roma Multilateral Projects. The project aims to train teachers who will provide education for Roma children. Final beneficiaries of the project are a group of teachers and children involved in the transition to secondary school. Idea Rom coordinates one of the main actions in the project (set-up and implementation of Centers of supplementary education for Roma children) and the dissemination of results. With the support of the European Union Agency EACEA.

Period: 2012-2014


Interventions of support and social inclusion for the Roma population in Turin

A project to support the education of Roma children living in spontaneous settlements in the north area of Turin, by giving information and guidance on health and moments of awareness of environmental issues. The project is linked with the activities carried out at the Center for Cultural Aggregation in Turin, particularly on the issues of job placement. With the support of the Foundation “Compagnia di San Paolo” and the coordination of the City of Turin.

Period: 2012-2013


A Light at the End of the Dark

For the Support of the Continassa Victims 

After the brutal attack on Roma families of Cascina Continassa of Turin has launched a public subscription to support victims in material need, in the lawsuit, in the remake of the documents destroyed by fire, in the search for alternative housing solutions to the gypsy camp. The initiative has the support of many people and organizations including: the Center for Studies Sereno Regis, the Federation of Romany, the European Roma Right Centre in Budapest, the Romanian Romany Cris, the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and the Jewish Community of Turin.

Period: 2011-2012


Idea Rom

A proposal for the active participation

Meetings, information, guidance and awareness for the protection of the rights and active participation of Roma and Sinti. The project involves the management of an information desk at Roma in the local management of the Centre for Cultural Aggregation via Cavagnolo 7 in Turin, cultural mediation in schools and families, moments of awareness of the Roma community on the issues of integration and active citizenship. The initiative has the support of the Province of Turin and the patronage of the District 6 of the City of Turin.

Period: 2011-2012



A program of the Council of Europe

Idea Rom is involved in the project Romed (promoted by the Council of Europe) for the training of Roma mediators at European level. Idea Rom contributes to the initiative by investing in the specialization of its mediators so that they can transfer in Turin skills and practices that have been successful in other countries. In Italy, the program is held with the organizational support of the National Office against Racial Discrimination of the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Period: 2011-2012


Over - Proposal to overcame the camps in Turin

An expression of the interest in dealing with possible solutions to overcome the camps and to affirm the right to decent housing for all. The initiative, presented to the Prefecture of Turin, follows the bill introduced on March 3, 2011 at the Fifth Committee of the Regional Council of Piedmont for the recognition of the Romany minority.

Period: 2011-2013


We Can - Activities for the employment

Idea Roma carries out activities to support job placement and orientation of the Roma.
The initiative, after a first experimental phase, is now aimed at the concrete proposal of employment opportunities for Roma without regular occupations, with a focus on women of different communities in the area. The project is realised with the contribution of the Compagnia of San Paolo Foundation and sponsored by the Province of Turin.

Period: 2011-2012


Aerodrom – supporting social inclusion

Summer recreational activities, remedial teaching, health care, guidance and mediation to regularize the cohabitation with the territory for a group of families together with a path in a residential suburb of the city. With the support of the Community Foundation of Mirafiori and the support of 10th District of the City of Turin.

Period: 2011-2012

Familija - A training seminar on Roma culture

Idea Roma is a partner of the Territorial Council for Immigration at the Prefecture of Asti for the building up of a training day aimed to overcome the stereotypes that often inspire actions for social or civil protection of Roma children.

Period: 2011


CELAM (play) - For an animation summer under the banner of the environmental protection


Summer Initiative entertainment with children of spontaneous Roma settlements in Via Germagnano in Turin, with a common thread in the name of the environmental protection, with fun activities and other educational approaches. The initiative is sponsored by the City of Turin and the 6th District. The initiative is also sponsored by AMIAT (Municipal Waste Collection Company), with the support of educational activities in the collection, providing educational toys and materials for cleaning.

Period: 2011

+Respect - a course for policy makers with the point of view of the Roma

As part of the demonstrations on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day 2011, four meetings on the issues of current Roma culture in Italy, offering a vision of the most successful integration policies, while respecting differences. The initiative, promoted by ANCI (National Association of the Italian Municipalities), Ideal Foundation (European Foundation of Cities), was realized by RomSinti @ Policy in collaboration with leading associations of Roma, local organisations, and other Italian and European (Spain, Belgium and Romania). Taking over the whole project is Cittalia (ANCI Research Foundation). In Turin, the organisation of the initiative has been managed by IDEA ROM NPO, in collaboration with the Museum of the Resistance and with the patronage of the 1th Administrative District of the City of Turin, the Province of Turin and the Piedmont Region.

Period: 2011

Research on the Status of Roma Woman

Idea Rom was partner of E.R.R.C. (European Roma Right Center) in Budapest for the project "Research on the Situation of the Romani Women in Italy". The results was the CEDAW shadow report to the Commission (Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) which periodically checks the implementation of the UN Convention signed by every signatory state.

Period: 2011

It will give Na Dara (Not Afraid)

Information activities, mediation and cultural promotion with a national public funding of the Department for Equal Opportunities - National Bureau against Racial Discrimination - UNAR, advocacy and assistance services in the City of Turin and the 5th and 6th Districts. The initiative is in collaboration with the associations Romanò Ilo, Opera Nomadi, Volunteers Vincentian Groups of Turin.

Period: 2010-2011

Diklem Small Roma and Dik Duj - two projects for the school success of Roma pupils

Training, supervision, after-school and cultural mediation in some schools in Turin, with the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and the City of Turin, and the support of 6th District. The projects was carried out in collaboration with the Association ASAI.

Period: 2010-2011 school year

Small Roma go to school - a pilot project for the school success of Roma pupils

Training and cultural mediation in some schools of Turin with the help of the City of Turin, and the support of 6th District.

Period: 2009-2010 school year

In memory of Ilda Bartoloni - A pink wire that goes way back ...

Ilda Bartoloni was one of the most important Italian journalist and writer. Doing her work, she was often charged to follow social issues and matters. In RAI (Italian Public Broadcasting Corporation), she has held various roles, but gained her greatest fame for having conceived and carried out TG3 Punto Donna. For her feature films and journalistic investigations, she received numerous awards, including one for Best Italian chronicler and, in 1999, the International Journalism Award named “Matilde Serao”.
Ilda Bartoloni died in 2009, just when a group of Roma women were going to organize our association, to which the heirs of Ilda gave the first support to promote their activities. A gesture, a small sign that comes from far away, almost an encouragement to continue in our efforts.

Period: 2009

Participation in working groups, conferences and seminars ("Working Group on the double discrimination of gender," sponsored by 5th District of the City of Turin, "The anti-crisis measures in Piedmont" organized by Italia Lavoro in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, various meetings held in Turin by the UNAR Department for Equal Opportunities at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, "The knowledge and the right ideas at the basis of a civil society" promoted by MIR-NM; the meetings promoted by the Network of Equality Local Development in the Province of Turin, etc. ...).

Period: 2009-2011

Beneficiaries of the activities:

The activities carried out so far have mainly targeted the Roma families in Turin, particularly in the northern and southern area of Turin; beside these areas, some activities touched other common areas in the city or in the hinterland of Turin (Collegno, Chieri, Moncalieri, etc. ...). The families belong to different communities (Roma from Former-Jugoslavia, Romanians Roma, Sinti Piedmontese, Abruzzo Roma, Calabrese and Neapolitans Roma), they dwell in some authorized parking areas, others in spontaneous settlements, and others in apartments or itinerant. A significant proportion of interventions having Roma children as beneficiaries has been carried on in primary compulsory school by young women who make up the Association itself.

Some initiatives, particularly training (courses, seminars, etc ...) and the recreational initiatives (stage traditional dances, parties, etc ...), were mainly directed to the Italian public (civil servants, teachers, students, volunteers, citizens interested in the association's subject, etc. ...).

Communication activities in the Media have reached significant parts of citizenship (a service of the evening edition of TG3, a special-edition on RaiNews, articles in local newspapers and national magazines, news on web sites).